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loft ledge wall headboard project

back in the summer, 2023, we made the game changing decision to have a ductless a/c unit installed. which prompted us to rip out the window a/c above our bed. after that we had to wait 3-4 months to get a contractor out here to repair the siding and the hole we created in our house. its all done and looks great but that was only a fix for the outside.

in the mean time, while waiting on the siding repair, I started exploring different ideas of how we might finish off the inside of this patch job. it was a high priority because it's right above our heads each night. yet I didn't want to rush it because I wanted do something really cool to accentuate this cozy little loft nook.

bed in cottage loft bedroom, cozy small space, before window a/c unit is removed

design by my four parameters

of my four parameters, for this project I was focused on function first, then aesthetics, ergonomics and lastly, sustainability.

function: we wanted smallish night stands so that we didn't keep too much clutter by the bed...just big enough for a book, water and charging our phones. we wanted better lighting, a spot for our speaker and essential oil diffuser.

aesthetics: included soft, subtle lighting, moody vibes, modern clean line design and dealing with the inside of the patch job.

ergonomics: easy access to the things we used regularly in our night time routine; chargers, speaker, diffuser and placement of the night stand nooks.

sustainability: designed and built in a way that would hold up over the years and not have us needing to go back and fix things.

inspiration for the loft ledge wall headboard

here's the inspiration pictures I kept coming back to...

I smashed these ideas together to get the current loft ledge wall headboard project.

plans, drawings, sketch on clipboard of how to build a ledge wall headboard in cottage loft lake house

the rock bottom that spurred this headboard project

I woudn't be fully honest if I didn't share that just a few weeks prior to starting this project I was in one of the lowest spots I've been in a while. I got physically sick and then I got mentally sick at the same time. what a storm. there was a lot of crying coupled with ignoring just about all the good things in my life. pair that with the endless spiraling thoughts of not being good enough mixed in with this deep confusion of wondering what the heck I'm doing with my life. every part of my life felt like I was settling instead of getting what I wanted. it sucked so bad.

that's life. it's not the first I've been in this kind of headspace and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. honestly, I don't want it to be the last. not that I enjoyed any second of it at the time but because of experiencing this low I was motivated to take effective action on the things I wanted to see in my life.

it might sound weird but I believe this ledge wall headboard project is the physical representation of the inner growth that came from that rock bottom.

more than just a ledge wall headboard project

one of the greatest things about life, when I remember it, is that there is always the opportunity for a choice. no matter what is going on, in any kind of situation, I believe there's always a choice. in my rock bottom, I had a choice to believe the thoughts that were swirling or to prove them wrong and help them quiet down. after a solid chat with Jenn, I decided that the thoughts that were passing through my mind were not the ones that I wanted to live by.

I want to live a life that's based on the thoughts that make me the best version of myself. the fun, exciting, freeing, spacious thoughts. I started to remember that every single thought that passes through my mind has equal weight...all thoughts are nuetral until it's labeled by the human mind. I was the one putting more importance on the thoughts that made me feel shitty. so I slowly shifted. I started finding the thoughts that were fun to live out in reality, the ones that made me feel good and I started choosing them more.

at the risk of sounding cheesy + cliché...this ledge wall headboard project is about me choosing me on a level that has never happened before. it's the result of me believing in myself unconditionally. it's about me choosing to do the hard work and speaking up in order to get the things I want for my life. it's a practice in making decisions and following through with them...even when its new to me. it's trusting myself that I'm capable enough to figure some stuff out on my own. it's giving my best effort and standing fully in the feeling that my best is more than good enough. it's reminding myself that mistakes and redos are such a vital part of the when I had to go back and undo some steps to rip out the carpet.

Bob and I joke that it's these really cool work pants I recently bought that have spurred this new shift. I wish that's all it would take for me lol. as I get each new little step completed on this project I can't but help to sit back and soak in what a good job I did. I'm impressing myself and yet I'm also not surprised at the same time. it feels so good.

ok, so back to the actual project...

it's going to look so good, I literally can't stop thinking about it finished. the ledge wall headboard is going to be painted black along with the wall behind it. it'll have recessed night stand nooks each with hardwired charging outlets in them. the nooks will be stained side/top/bottom and the back will have a pop of drool worthy wallpaper...provided by the bestest..Bre at 2ndstoryinteriors.

the top ledge shelf will be the same stain as the nooks and will have its own outlet built in. all across the top ledge and down the sides of the loft there will be a subtle glow of light that operates on a schedule and/or app. as Snelly said so well, "it's going to look dope".

next steps will include the electrical phase where I bring in Bob to wire everything up, make all the new outlets and add the lighting we want. then I'll mount the nooks, attach the front finishing panels, add the top shelf board, trim, stain and paint. I'll keep ya posted.

and to think...if I didn't go through that super sucky rock bottom, I might not have decided to turn into this current version of myself that's going to rock out building this proejct. another reminder that building life a beautiful life gets a little messy sometimes.


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