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dandelion soothing salve

dandelion soothing salve

Introducing Dyani's handcrafted dandelion soothing salve, a one-of-a-kind addition to the suburban hippie shop's curated collection of unique handcrafted pieces.


Made with hand-picked dandelions which are then infused in oil, this salve is a natural anti-inflammatory and soothing remedy for bug bites and bee stings.


Its moisturizing properties make it perfect for dry, irritated skin, even on senstive skin areas like the face and chest.


The salve comes in a convenient metal tin with a screw cap, making it easy to take on the go for all your adventures.


Experience the natural benefits of dandelion with this uniquely curated healing salve, intentionally crafted to provide comfort and care for your skin.

  • curated collaboration

    I fell in love with this salve when I met Dyani at a market I was attending for Switch Stitch. Right away, from the packaging and the smell I had to have one.

    My love deepend as I started reaching for this salve, many reasons beyond dry hands. Bites, scratches or those times I forgot to put on my face oil. 

    Dyani is the solopreneur behind Henry Lee Herbal Co. where she makes all natural, small batch home goods. Her products include healing salves and balms, lip care products, essential oil blends, room sprays, skincare products, and more.

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