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what is it? compassionate consistency, faq #1

yeah I'm a planner nerd, what of it. I'm done hiding it and I'm actually doing the exact opposite. I'm offering a planner group. right here on the this little chunk of the internet that I have. it's a virtual group, free and open to anyone who wants to join.

the intention is to have a dedicated space for those dreamers to turn themselves into doers. well, that's what I'm going to be doing anyway and I'm offering for people to join me if they want.

I can't express how much I love the feeling of bringing big ideas into reality. seriously, all the things that I favorite part is watching an idea grow and evolve into something tangible on this beautiful earth.

the struggle is that if I don't have a toddler version of the steps I need to take to get started...I probably won't do it. or I might start anyway but give up ...and not the give up in a good way.

with either of those scenarios happening in the past, I have typically been really hard on myself. one, I constantly think about the what if of a possible idea I didn't do, feeling like a loser, scaredy cat that couldn't try something new. and two, I feel like a loser, bum who quits on too many things and can't follow through. but the reality is that I'm no loser, scaredy cat or bum. I'm pretty awesome. I just haven't been giving myself the right setup to stay consistent on the things that matter to me.

so, compassionate consistency, is all about taking some time to intentionally decide what things/projects will take more of a priority. gently breaking those projects down into manageable steps so that there's more of a chance of consistency. which makes for a compassionate kind of mindset when I need to adjust or pivot from a project.

so really, this is a cute, nerdy study hall where we can put two tiny hours of our lives towards the big ideas and projects that are begging to be brought into reality.


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yay! i'm so glad you'll be joining us!

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