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I love all things planning, organization, office supplies and the like. growing up most kids I knew played sports or video games. not this girl. I loved to play office.

I remember using a broken computer from the 90's that would only type 'E', old voided checks of my parents, my mom's old briefcase and a huge box full of scrap paper. add in a couple of clipboards and my friend and I would play office for hours...we were such nerds.

fast forward twenty something years and I'm still just as nerdy. I've spent my whole twenties trying to find the just right planner and I think I have finally found it. it's a blend between two different systems and I'm surprised at how plain and minimalist it is. and yet I just absolutely love it.

the blend of the 12 week year and bullet journal systems has me in this wonderful spot between disciplined structure and total freedom. this seems to satisfy both sides of my brain; artist and entrepreneur.

the artist part of me loves always having a notebook close by to jot things down before the thought evaporates into the air. then I have more brain power for the tasks at hand. also I love the open space to turn to a new page and make it whatever I need in that moment and I'm not bound by predetermined boxes. the visual simplicity keeps me focused on content rather than distracting this squirrel-ish brain.

a huge bonus for me using this system is that I don't feel stuck working on things that are no longer in alignment for me. every 12 weeks I update my goals so that I'm keeping things as fresh as possible. I think stale and boring might be one of my biggest hurdles so a little refresh is kind of a must for me.

the entrepreneur part of me loves the easily repeatable and adaptable way I can glance at both short term and long-er term focuses within a few pages. also it gives me mega awareness of the areas I'm strong in and, maybe more importantly, those areas I have the opportunity to adjust.

the main sections I use on the reg are my weekly dashboards, daily tasks, future tasks list and meal planning sections. other pages are filled with whatever I feel is important to write down. typically, instead of grabbing a random piece of paper to loose in two days, I try to use a page in my notebook.

don't get me wrong, I ebb and flow with this system like I do everything. and when I'm using it as I intended I feel on top of the world. ultimately it keeps me in the present moment where I'm focused on actionable tasks instead of lost in thoughts and ideas.and when I'm making small consistent steps towards the things that light me up I always sleep great.

so much so that when I have nights I can't sleep or when I seem to be overly anxious about nothing in particular I check in to see how much I've been utilizing my planner [and journaling]. more often than not I find that I haven't been prioritizing my planner; instead trying to keep a running list in my head which makes a mess out of me.

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