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the days before...

if you want to know if you really jive with someone, on a deep, human to human, level and see if you even actually like them as a person...then I'd like to introduce the wild idea to get rid of almost all of your favorite things while deep cleaning your house for 3 weeks and preparing to live the next several years with 75% less space while having a puppy that's not fully potty trained. yeah, that's an option.

how are we doing?

well, now, while bob's out fishing? we're great!

since our chat with our relator Donna, about the plan of listing which was 3 weeks ago, bob and I have had a mini typhoon of different emotions, individually, and as a couple doing this. like front seat roller coaster with loops kind of emotional ride over here. but at least we've been eating some good pizza.

our low backs are tight, which reminds us of better body mechanics, and we're exhausted each evening with stress-induced poor sleep patterns. which reminds me of how snippy I get when I'm not getting the sleep I need. yeah I've been a real joy with this whole process.

I'm grateful this man I'm with puts up with me and all of my theatrical modes. it takes a special person. I don't know if you would guess this but I'm quite demanding, openly needy, extremely sensitive and increasingly more angry when I'm feeling the squish of stress. so he's doing a fabulous job given the situation.

I think a major saving grace for our marriage is that neither one of us holds back admitting when the other person is right. actually, you wanna know something, I've noticed that we start difficult conversations, lately, with first admitting the other person might be right.

it's so funny to say this out loud, but I think this keeps us from getting so angry with each other. not sure if we know we are doing it but it seems to keep us from getting so deep in the fight. anyway, we're still married and we've actually been giving a lot more high-fives and appreciation kisses with it all. interesting.

oh, and the list we made in that morning meeting could have been the start of an argument this morning and it also might be the most life saving part of all of this. who woulda guessed? a list? I treated that list like I do my personal planning system and I'm proud to say we knocked out almost every single one of the things our relator put on there. # nailedit.

and as I write this the night before we get our house photographed, and listed a few days after that, I feel so grateful, calm, proud and prepared. we worked hard and it feels good to like what you see. I think I'll reward us with getting some of our favorite local gelato; banana pudding for me, raspberry swirl for bob.

next time I write I might be on the other side of this all...I'm so curious what kind of perspective I'm gonna have over there.


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