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tie dye party

tie dye party outside, group tie dyeing, lake party, family tie dyeing party

this year Kara and I finally added another layer onto the annual lake party we have been talking about for the past couple of years. a few drinks around a camp fire with a big group of friends might have been the accelerator on this one. we committed to tie dying the BOTD [Brock on the dock] shirts we would be ordering. mind you we hadn't even found someone to make the shirts, let alone order them and it was only four weeks away. gotta love friends that help make it happen.

tie dye party outside, group tie dyeing, lake party, family tie dyeing party

one friend connected us with another who knew a shirt lady, Erica. I whipped up a logo...[even if it was spelled wrong lol], gathered shirt sizes, submitted the order and bought tie dye supplies...keeping track of things in my planner. Erica got us the shirts in a week, just in time for Kara to come in and coordinate the heck out of the tie dye party. I handed her the spreadsheet of shirt sizes and I think her eyes lit up. she took notes, made changes and tracked details I didn't even know we'd need. nailed it.

there were a variety of different techniques being used to get the 50 shirts dyed and it was fun to watch what styles people chose to do. there were some YouTube videos playing for some more in-depth folding and dyeing. I noticed some friends getting into deep consultation and discussion of what process was going to be done. while other times it was completely random and winging it to create a new design. I think the adults might have had more fun than the kiddos.

I love doing things and I know that I'm not that person that can do it all alone. I need the support of my friends and their unique skill sets to help execute things the way I see them in my brain.

Kara was clutch for the logistics and to keep the process flowing smoothly. Bob was in his prime with setup, clean up, shuttling friends on the golf cart, keeping everyone's drinks filled. Erik was our mixologist and created some fun new dye colors. Nick, Erik, Harper, Sam + Vinny were crucial for cranking out so many different tie dye designs.

the tie dyeing was a blast but what was actually more fun was seeing how everyone's strengths came together to create an unforgettable event. that and seeing everyone's shirts together on the lake. and...Kara and I have already made notes for tiny tweaks for next year.


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