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update on the loft ledge wall headboard

unfinished loft headboard, ledge wall headboard with wood accent and fluted trim

some good ideas and some adjustments...good idea: bring this loft ledge wall headboard idea into reality not only because it's gonna be so dope but because I'll feel amazing as I show up for myself doing new and hard things. the adjustment: don't do carpentry projects in the dead of winter without a takes forever...I can't wait for our barn. also don't take on a huge project while the entire house is getting new flooring installed...too much chaos.

I've made some major progress and I'm really glad I'm not being timed. this is one of the biggest projects I have taken on in relation to my skills when I started so I've been learning a lot as I go. a ton of trial-error and watching videos on YouTube, which leads to more trial-error.

if the only thing I take from this project is the ability to let go of my attachment to time, that will be huge win.

above: prepping the nooks for built in electrical outlets + practicing my skills in transferring measurements from the wall to the nook...I kinda nailed it. Bob realized I was putting the electrical on the wrong side of the nook...glad he caught that before too long.

what I'm learning from this project

for me, detaching from time would look like being kinder to myself as projects take up more space in my calendar than I originally planned. being more present in the task at hand while letting go of the 'rushing' feeling as I'm working on something new. and keeping some boundaries around working on tasks/projects while also enjoying all the other things that make up life.

above: I got the wallpaper samples, thanks to Bre, to add some extra interest to the back of the nooks. I also did some scheming and sketching of how to detail around the nooks. I was drooling over fluted trim and had to find a way to use it.

slow progress is better than no progress

I started this project the second week of December and as I write this in late January the loft is still in progress. I keep reminding myself that I have had to teach myself so many new things and that learning takes a lot of time. I've also had to go up and down the loft ladder about 4,700 times and inside/outside for each and every single cut. not an efficient and quick setup. plus all the things I've done so far on this, I've done in a way that I'm super proud of and that feels so so good.

above: more practice in transferring measurements from one spot to another as I make cut outs on the finish plywood for lights and nooks. remembering progress over perfection as I'm proud at how close my first attempt was and looking forward to honing my skills on the second side.

paying attention keeps me out of my head

when I start noticing myself thinking "I've got to get this done!" that's a good reminder to make sure I'm fully fed and hydrated. when I'm hangry I'm much less compassionate and much more critical to myself [and everyone else I interact with]. that pushy self talk is also a good reminder to pay more attention to what I'm physically doing. paying attention to what I'm doing with my hands gets me out of my head and back into the present moment. and if I can't get myself to pay attention after all of that it means it's time to quit.

above: part of the fun of learning is getting new tools and figuring out how to use them. we got a rip guide for our circular saw, which probably took longer than using clamps and a straight edge. but I love getting new tools for projects. I found the cutest electrician to run the wires to all of the electrical boxes I installed. here he's working on the outlet that's on the top of the ledge wall for our speaker...gotta have those soundscapes at night.

above: before, during and after of puttying the mitered corners of this drool worthy fluted trim. this might be my favorite part of the whole wall. it's the small details that make me so happy.

rest without guilt

I went into a sort of hibernation period around the same time I started this loft ledge wall headboard which was great. my hibernation mode was pretty straight forward...I blocked out almost everything in life and totally zoned all of my energy on one thing. it was so refreshing letting myself completely sink into that and I'm beyond grateful I was in a spot to be able to do it.

above: I wanted a way to hide the seam down the center of the finish plywood so I went to PInterest and found a lot of ideas from searching wooden accent walls. I fell in love with the idea of wood strips dripping down at different I copied it!

replace resistance with gratitude

as rejuvenating as my hibernation period was I had to come out of it at some point. bills were needing to be paid, meals were needing to be made, cleaning and laundry was piling up and Bob was probably ready to have a little more help with all the things. it's not realistic to be in hibernation mode long term as many other areas of my life can easily go adrift.

its a good reminder that life isn't about doing things quickly and perfectly. rather its about embracing the natural ebb and flow of so many different moving parts. it's about trying to enjoy how all the things are smashing together instead of resisting and trying to keep life one thing at a time. its a beautiful mess, like my loft.

above: I had been waiting weeks to get to this phase....painting!!! I was so excited I may have started painting at 8:30 at night. I'm so glad we had the AirDoctor air filter because we were able to go to bed around 11pm with zero paint fumes. kinda mind blowing.

next steps for this dope loft space will be to build the side walls, create some sort of aesthetically pleasing access panel, add the led strip lights, trim the side walls and ceiling and then putty, caulk and paint.


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