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what the heck are we doing?!

this thought regularly goes through my head as we start to do some little tasks here and there to prep for our move. we've been in our cincinnati, ohio house about 10 years and last summer [2022] we decided we would be open to downsizing and move to michigan.

we had no idea how much downsizing would be in store for us when we made that decision because we didn't actually have a place to downsize to. turns out we're downsizing a significant amount. we're moving into a place that is a quarter of the size we've been used to for so many years.

what the heck are we doing?! I don't know!! it is not lost on us how much of a transition this will be to go from 2,400 sq. feet to 650 sq. feet. and it's something we've thrown out there a handful of times over the years. we love our home in the suburbs of cincinnati. when we found it all those years ago it had all the things on our list and a bonus of great neighbors.

our home also has a lot of space to fill with furniture and things we don't really use that much. we love to putz in the garage, work in the yard and be outside a lot. plus, from april through october, we are spending as much time as we can at our cottage by the lake. a few years of noticing this routine and we started talking about what it would look like to live a little smaller.

this sounded like an adventure I could get behind. truthfully, just about any change I'm ready to go. I love the new and unknown. plus, the energetic weight that would be lifted from letting go of so many of our things was so enticing for the both of us. having less space to clean and maintain would mean so much more time, energy and money doing the things we actually wanted to do.

the thing I still don't fully know is how bob agreed to this. he's not the same when it comes to the new and unknown. he might even be a little allergic to it all. but he has always been a minimalist at heart. that coupled with him getting a job that is fully remote might have been just the mixture we needed to take action on this talk of small living.

as exciting as this new adventure and transition is, it is not without its concerns. but what road of excitement and growth and curiosity doesn't have it's concerns? guess we will see how this all plays out...


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