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why I wanted bre's help

before I met bre, I'd never really thought I'd need the help of a decorator. I'm confident in knowing what I like for design and I like the way I've put our home together. then enter the time I updated the kitchen of our cincinnati home.

bre was vital in helping me finish the already over extended update process of our kitchen. some of the delay was waiting on hinges to come in but mostly it was from my indecision. once I committed to finishing our kitchen bre came in with closer type of energy. she gave me answers for all of the questions I didn't know even existed. things like what size of tile, what color of grout, what type of schlutter trim and what style/color of cabinet pulls. she was amazing.

so when the time got closer to moving to hillcrest I absolutely knew I'd be booking a moodboard meeting with bre. transitioning to such a small space there was no way I'd be able to drag the process out as long as I did before.

the thing is that I'm very much a big picture view person. I can see and get an overall vibe of things very easily...sometimes too easily. and I love the small details. the thing is that I get stuck in the details. I want it all and I have a hard time knowing which details best fit together to give me the overall vision I'm wanting.

I knew bre would be able to sort through all of the things I was drooling over and help guide me to the end result/vibe I was craving. I love so many different styles and wanted [needed] help knowing which ones I could blend together. she told me which ones I could blend and she nailed it.

besides the design style and vibe I also wanted help on space planning. moving into such a small space for us it was crucial that I have a plan to make one tiny room function as both a closet and workout room. which also ties into another decision.

the one room is too small to use as our bedroom...our king size bed won't fit. so, we will be utilizing the loft as our bedroom. the thing is that I'm not sure we will be able to get our bed into the loft without removing the current loft railing. if we can that's great. but in the high probability that we will have to remove the loft railing I wanted to know what style I was going to be putting back up. having this decision made ahead of time will save me lots of time and energy.

and the last major decision I wanted help with was flooring. the current flooring is cracking from where tile and grout was laid on an uneven floor. there are also two different types of flooring, which in a small space like this, makes the place feel visually busy and messy to me. since this will be one of the bigger investments [money and labor wise] I wanted to know that I'd be picking a floor that would take this space to the overall look I was going for.

my moodboard meeting with bre was not a disappointment. there was so much energy and excitement between us and we rocked some decisions out. bre came with that same closer type of energy and she went above my expectations...which were already pretty high from being her bestie.


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