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who is it for? compassionate consistency, faq #2

in my last video post I summarized the compassionate consistency group as a cute little study hall for dreamers to turn themselves into doers. let me give a bit more specifics on that based on my own personal experience...

taking a few tiny hours to proactively decide what you will work on over the next few months can dramatically reduce decision fatigue and those frazzled feelings.

who is compassionate consistency for?

this group might be a good fit for you if...

you have the terrifying luxury of total say over your schedule

  • more flexibility in your schedule can lead to having to make a lot more decisions of when you will work on what things.

you have a big idea or project but haven’t found the time to break it down into more manageable steps

  • The quiet focused time in this group will allow for you to outline the things you need to do for this project and get more clarity on where and how to move forward with it.

you want to review your past few months and see what worked well for ya and not so well

  • then you can decide how you want to adjust for the next few months. like a little recap. If this is you, I’d also recommend this little recap flow I created where I break this review process down into realistic time frames and steps.

who is compassionate consistency not for?

this group might not be such a good fit for you if...

  • you don’t have a focus or project you’ve been itching to spend more time on.

  • you don’t really have any extra time or flexibility in your schedule right now to focus on something

  • you already have so many obligations/plans that you’re not able to adjust much for adding something else in

  • you’re really content and happy with the way things are going with your current situation…this is a beautiful spot to be! enjoy it! [oh how I wish I would listen to me sometimes]

if any of this sounds familiar or interesting compassionate consistency group might be a good fit and I welcome you to join a session.


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