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cottage season

March 2016 we bought a little cottage on Vineyard Lake in Brooklyn, MI. It was me, Bob and our friend Dustin who went in on this place, a little vacation spot we'd make so many memories together.

we absolutely loved our time at the cottage and over the years we found ourselves dreading the 4 hour trip back home to Cincinnati, Ohio. every year since we bought the cottage we'd have a countdown to cottage season which is the May thru October time frame we spend as much time on the lake as possible.

over those years we slowly started building this idea of living on the lake rather than dreading the Sunday morning drive home. we knew we loved the area of our cottage and wanted to stay right around there. that's about the time we bought our property [March 2020] eventually thinking we'd build a new home and settle in. it was a start but it didn't happen like we thought it would.

so we fell back to trusting that if we were meant to move up there full time then something would work out. that's when more houses started coming onto the market [May 2022] and we seriously looked into a few of them that were close to what we wanted. the thing is that none of them were checking all of the boxes for a place we could move our life into. not until Russ + Terrie approached us.


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