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the let down of building a new home

I've come to realize that I'm pretty skilled in crafting a vision and knowing the general steps needed to make that vision a reality. but sometimes I get so caught up on my chosen way of getting from vision to reality that I forget there can be other ways of going about it. it's also easy for me to forget that I'm not in control of things as much as I'd like to think.

the story of how hillcrest came to us is all of these things and it starts back in March of 2020 when we bought 8 acres of land in MI.

we had no plans for the property at the time but we loved the area it was in. it was just a short walk from our cottage where we spent as much time as we could from May through October. something about the land just kept calling to the both of us, so we decided to inquire about it. that inquiry quickly turned into a purchase which was so easy and smooth, and the price was right. it was meant to be.

as we talked we decided that one day we would love to build a home and move to this piece of land. soon after that [October 2020] I got to work designing our ideal home. the vision was crafted and the steps were being taken to build and move.

I worked on the design for over a year and then I was reminded of how much control I don't have.

February 2022 we got the heartbreaking news that this build was way, way out of our current price range. I was devastated, no exaggeration. the time and energy I had put into this was just crumbled up and tossed in the trash and lit on fire...ok a little exaggeration. but I was seriously bummed for quite a while in hearing that I couldn't turn my vision into reality in the way I had planned.

after a few weeks of dramatic pouting that things weren't working out how I wanted I decided to stop fighting life. I let go of my attachment to how initially dreamed things up and chose to be open to a new path of bringing my vision into reality.

through our talks we decided that finding a place near our property would be a step towards building our home. this way we could move to MI and be close by for when building was possible. and so the hunt began as we followed the turn that our path was taking us. and would you know it, a few months later [Sept. 2022] we were purchasing the adorable little place that was meant to be our next step.


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