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on the other side

ten days after we listed our house for sale and we're on the other side of things. kinda wild to think about all that has happened in that short amount of time. its been quite a whirlwind over here. we've finally cooked a meal at home again although its about as basic as we can get. but even still that feels refreshing.

In the last ten days we had 18 showings the two days after we listed thurs night. we were in contract by 9pm that saturday. the buyers have had the home inspection, radon testing and appraisal completed. and we signed off on the above adjustments. phew.

I knew it was going to happen fast but I was unaware how fast all the follow up things were going to be the days before we listed. besides this process going smooth we are beyond thrilled with who is going to be living here. I think they're going to just love it here in the hood and find so many people they'll be able to connect with.

my perspective of the whole process of selling a home now that I'm on the other side of it all? I'd say it is absolutely necessary to set intentions way before the start of the actual process and fortunately we did this. of the three major intentions we had for selling our home we saw all three happen in real life. pretty good odds.

intention one of selling our home

intention one: we wanted buyers that would love and appreciate this home like we have. this home has been so good to us and we wanted to repay that with people who will continue to take care of this home.

intention two of selling our home

intention two: we had a certain 'walk away' number we wanted after this was all said and done. this was strategic to pay off our first cottage, this new cottage we're moving to and our eight acres. we knew if we could get this certain amount of money then we would be living debt free. oh and I almost forgot the most exciting part. we'd also have the cash to build the barn of our dreams.

intention three of selling our home

intention three: we wanted a fast and easy closing process. this was the most out of our control and we have our wonderful real estate agent, Donna, to thank for how great it's been. now we're just waiting for closing on 4.3 and then hand over keys on 4.23.

we're taking a little vacation next week and then we will be getting into the nitty gritty of packing and downsizing. can't say I'm looking forward to this part but I know it will be worth it when it's done. so, I'm going to try and be as grateful as possible that we get this opportunity to completely change our entire life style. grateful and stressed and anxious and excited and prepping for a lot of work.


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