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concerns + excitements

as I write this, we're about three weeks away from putting our house on the market. as the weeks start closing in, the list of concerns is growing at a much faster rate than the excitements...well for me at least. bob is always pretty aware of the concerns in most situations and I'm thankful for that...and I would rather let him keep that role.

the decision to move into a super small house, in a different state grew fairly gradually as we talked about what it would be like to live a little smaller over the past few years. truly this move is a side path to our original plan, so it's not exactly what we had been talking about but it still feels like a good fit.

even during those 'one day' chats our very different perspectives had us throwing out so many concerns and excitements.




the process of selling this house

not having to drive to play on the lake during the summer

making enough money on the sale of house

the potential to be debt free

what we're going to do with all of our stuff

not having so much stuff

living in a small town

working in a different environment

having to setup a new routine

our wild pup in a small space

replacing flooring while living in small area

no fence for the pup

dealing with the mice situation in hillcrest




moving farther from my family + friends

living that lake life, especially in summer

finding a new home for all of our things

being debt free

having zero closet space

having less house + more time for fun things

moving away from the convinces of suburbia, like Kroger marketplace

updating the new place to express my love of aesthetics

rebuilding my sewing studio in a small area

doing house projects on a smaller scale

downsizing our cooking area

playing on our property with our pup

how will pup sleep with us with bed in loft

living more rural and closer to nature

having to start over with markets to attend for switch stitch

being closer to building a house, barn and pollinator farm

training a puppy without a fence

seeing where this adventure will take us

the thing I love about bob is his way of thinking and the thing I get annoyed about with bob is his way of thinking. I'm sure he'd say the same for me...the important part is that we keep talking and thinking out loud. one of the beauties of our relationship is that we think in very different ways. this is going to be crucial for us, seeing and doing things for this transition, in a way we wouldn't without each other...kinda like the whole closet build.


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