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patio setup

I'm an outdoor person through and through. it doesn't really matter what I'm doing as long as I'm sitting outside doing it or at least have a view of outside. and patios? well I'm slightly obsessed because I can chill with snacks and a drink, I can spend quality time with friends and I get to be outside.

as we were narrowing in on days before moving to our new home I couldn't stop day dreaming about how great it was going to be to have a walkout from the living room to the patio. even more exciting? I'd finally get to open the patio set we bought 8+ years ago and never used.

I can't believe its possible to have something that long and never use it, let alone never open it. especially because I'm the person that rips all the tags and stickers off of something even before I'm sure it'll fit my needs. and here we are with a full blown patio set that I can barely remember what it looks like because it's been in boxes for so long.

it was back when sears was going out of business, we were perusing and I spotted a little section of random patio pieces. of course I beeline it right over because I'm a sucker for furniture and my eyes light up. I see this dining sized patio table and a few chairs that looked ultra comfy and I remember I started drooling a bit...this set was so my style.

navy blue, thick cushions. wide seats. rocker captain chairs. wood grain looking metal table.

I try not to get too excited because its obviously not a full set and there's quite a few people trying to find things to buy. I'm so thankful I have bob in my life for many reasons but one of them is that he's a great seek and finder...influenced heavily by competition.

he sees the task at hand and the other people who are also looking for furniture and he sets out on the hunt to find all the boxes of this set. I remember we searched the store for what seemed like quite a bit. also with the help of the sales person who was digging through boxes in the back.

and then finally the hunt was worth it! we found all the boxes and the patio set was coming home with us. not to mention we got it at 'going out of business' price and that only sweetened the deal. the pickle came when we got it home and bob asks where I want our new buy.

I told him in the corner of the yard because it's too big to functional fit on our deck. well...he quickly sucked all the fun out of the idea. he told me he wasn't moving all of these pieces every time he needed to mow. he said if I wanted it there I'd have to move the furniture each time he did the lawn. that was an easy 'no way Jose', I'm not about to be doing that every time. so it was settled. we'd put the furniture in the shed until we figured out what patio pad we'd get to utilize our new purchase.

and here we are. 8+ years later, a new house and a new state and we finally get to unpack this patio set that I just had to have.

it was a bit longer wait than I anticipated and I'm still so in love with the set. we seem to sit outside almost everyday as long as the weather is cooperating. sometimes its for a short bit and other times we spend many hours hanging here.

our patio set is so much more than aesthetically pleasing for me. it's also the spot where we host our neighborhood friends and build deeper friendships. it's the spot we go to regularly forgetting our phones and enjoying quality time with each other. it's the spot we notice how many different sounds there are in nature and become lost in the present moment.

and the patio is just one spot in this small place we call home. I'm looking forward to curating many more spots that support us in living a life that's most important to us. one that's focused on nature, connection, love and adventure.


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