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phase one: done!

it's and bre nailed it. my measurements were spot on and bre's vision of how to layout the closet/workout room couldn't have been better.

bob and I started with clearing out the room so we'd have space to bring in the huge ikea pieces. we found a home for the rug and bed and bed frame that were currently in the room and that gave us some breathing room. but that didn't last long because the main closet pieces took up 93" of the 108" room.

bob spent a few evenings after work assembling the four main frame pieces. after he built a narrow one we knew we'd have to get the white cabinet, we were using as a dresser, out of the room. it was taking up too much space for us to move around. then we had to take a few blades off the ceiling fan so that we could stand the closets up right. it was a tight fit raising the 93" fames with our ceiling height being 96". but we got it.

the whole assembly went pretty fast. bob took lead on this one and he had it done in about 10ish hours over the course of a week. I used ikea's website to design the closet plan. this visual came in handy to show bob and reference for measurements as he was putting it together. it was so clutch to watch my vision come into reality...and this time I didn't have to do much of the work 👌🏻 thanks bob. so I gladly took pictures and got a few videos.

we absolutely celebrated when they were in and filled. I wish I would have gotten bob's celebratory dance on video. this was a big task and it brought such a significant impact to our lives. for the last month we have been living out of boxes and digging through piles of clothes to get dressed.

the state of disarray for such a necessary and constant task of getting dressed was testing us big time. I'm glad I trusted my gut that said a vital activity of daily living like this one will need to be high priority when we land in Michigan.

next steps on the closet might be a bit longer than I anticipated. I think we will have to move onto floor installation so that we can put the new flooring below the closets before we do the doors. having flooring under the closets first will ensure we have the correct final dimensions before creating the built in look.

I struggled big time with figuring the door situation out since ikea only has one option, that I don't like, for our layout. I've found something I like but I'll be doing some research to ensure we will be able to adapt it to our situation.

p.s. bob doesn't really know my plans for phase two on the closets so here's to hoping he skims past this post and doesn't get caught up in the all the details that will be required for making them built in.


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