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the inside of the closet

going into this I thought there were going to be a lot of decisions and a feeling of overwhelm as I figure the inside of our closet. turns out there were a lot of constraints so there weren't a lot of things to decide on. but I would find overwhelm in an unexpected part of this.

the biggest limiting factor is the size of the room. about 9x9 if I remember correctly. the other boundary I was given was the placement of the two windows in the room. those wouldn't be moving and so that limited wall space. and finally choosing ikea closets meant very limited options of widths to fit between the windows. thankfully I worked with bre to help me come up with a closet layout within these constraints.

I used ikea's online design tool while with bre to help us solidify the overall layout. after that bob and I headed to ikea to see the inside organization options in real life. well that turned out to be a bust because ikea is severely depleted on their closet system parts and so their showroom was very bleak. which I also learned would cause major issues when we decided to order our design.

what we did determine is that the drawers were going to be a really great size - they'd hold a decent amount. we also liked the idea of as much hanging space as we could get and the shelving above the rods was more functional than we realized. we chose not to do the specific organization sections for pants, jewelry and accessories because they took up valuable real estate we could use to add another full drawer.

here's the pic of what we landed on for the inside. pretty basic but we truly don't have a lot of space to work with. we went with as many drawers as possible followed by open shelving to use as is or to add baskets to for more drawer type storage. and the hanging rods in the biggest areas for easier access.

going from two walk in closets and two dressers to this will be an organizational challenge. this whole room is smaller than our current closets. I imagine we will be letting go of a lot more clothes than we realize. oh, and I almost forgot the most stressful thing about this whole closet design...I hate the door options.

for whatever reason ikea doesn't offer a door to fully cover one of the closet pieces we will be using. their solution is to have a half door on that unit. so one part is a door and the other part is mirror. gross.

oh and the other sucky part is that ikea doesn't offer matching side panels for their closet system like they do for their kitchen stuff. neither of these are helping me to get the built in look that I'm obsessing over. ugh.

so here I was worrying about how long the inside organization was going to take when really the big hurdle is the entire outside built in look. I've been throwing around and searching different ideas but honestly my brain is fried on this topic. actually I think I'm in a pouting mode right now and avoiding the whole situation...maybe a little of both.

I'm trying not to stress out about this as the move gets closer and closer. but it's starting to bubble a little. I keep reminding myself that one of the main reasons I went with ikea was for the adaptability of the inside; that I can change it up as we get settled in. And also that at least we finally have all of the closet pieces that will give us the organization we will desperately need...but of course that was a whole other situation.


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