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closet project

the closet project was top of the list for me when we decided to downsize. with this transition I'm giving up some serious closet space. I absolutely love my current closet. for some one who loves their closet as much as I do, you might be expecting a lot more clothes and a lot more luxury to be filling it. not the case. I'm not what you would call a fashionista.

I really love the feel I get when I walk into my closet. The warm sunshine from my full size window, the sparkles + metals from my jewelry bar, the dramatic draw from floor to ceiling from the wall of shoe shelves and the good vibes from the handcrafted art. I love the way I designed all the little nooks of the tiny space to maximize function. ok, well, I guess that doesn't even matter anymore because the size of closet we will be going to is zero.

the way the previous owners, Russ + Terrie, had updated left the place with no closet room. it was a much needed sacrifice in order to get stackable washer and dryer and fully renovated bathroom...well actually fully renovated every where. it's kinda unreal how much work they did to the place in the short amount of time they had it. jaw dropping.

here's a little video of what the place looked like when Russ + Terrie bought it.

and here's a few pics of what they turned the place into. so adorable.

I'd like to say there was a really cool way I came up with the idea of the multi use closet space, but really I think it just boils down to necessities. I listed out all the absolute must haves we needed for our new place as we leave this one. And then I crammed them into one room, the closet room, because that's all we have. constraints breed creativity I suppose.

once I had the list of must haves I booked a meeting with bre to help with space planning, layout and to throw out other options I wasn't thinking of. you can see how she rocked it here.

a major thing that helped move the closet project forward fairly quickly, and with pretty good confidence, was the decision to use ikea. this kept dimension options to a minimal and so the number of possible layouts was condensed. but what was limited in layout was compounded with interest on the inside organizational options.

and something I didn't know would happen was the practice in trusting my instincts. I was tested a bit but I stayed true to my decision and I feel like everything is turning out long as my measurements are accurate...tbd.


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