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the game changing butter jar

my sister in law, pam, told us how they leave butter out all the time in a container that has water in it. our minds were blown and bob and I were on the hunt to get one of these containers. and by on the hunt I mean we forgot about it more than we looked for one.

fast forward who knows how long...months and months...and we were walking through a local art show when I spotted the container! the artist called it a french butter dish and she had made it beautifully. I had to have it.

I brought the butter dish home and we quickly realized how much of a game changer it was to have butter at room temperature. pam was not wrong. I'm a firm believer that simple swaps can make the biggest impacts and this butter swap is no different.

having butter out on our counter allows it to stay at room temp which means the butter is always in spreadable form. no more tearing our bread as we make garlic toast [for so many meals]. and room temp butter also means we use less. I didn't believe bob on this one at first but after using the butter jar for a bit I fully agree.

another thing I love about this butter jar is that we're not buying 'spreadable butter' from the grocery which is packaged in plastic containers. so it's a lot more sustainable and eco-friendly since we're buying sticks of butter in cardboard that can be easily composted.

I typically try to find ways to put less things on my counter but there's something about having this handcrafted piece displayed in my kitchen that brings me feelings of warmth and homeyness. I smile knowing that I supported a local maker with my purchase. and now I'm extra smiling seeing my version and aesthetics as I'm cooking.

it might seem silly but when we are cooking with friends over, the butter jar is definitely a fun concept to show off. it's like our nerdy, crafty version of a party trick ?? I love watching people's reactions when we show the concept of the butter jar because it's typically so similar to our reaction when we first learned about it. the fact that butter hangs upside water...all day...until we wanna use it? silly. simple. and so fun.

so there is it. a few little reasons why I'm so excited about this butter jar and why it's part of my line. and another way to embrace the simple things in life.


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