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the start of my line

I've always loved collections, of any kind. something about the way a grouping of cohesive items come together brings me so much joy. I noticed this as a teenager when I'd want to buy all the pieces in a purse collection despite knowing I only would use one or two. repeat this same train of thought for stationary, travel bags, dog accessories, kitchen tools...and on and on.

fast forward to current time [fall 2022] where I got the itch to create my own collection of own line. I dream of having a curated collection of my favorite pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also very functional for everyday living. a whole vibe. I have a general feeling of what this is but I don't yet have the exact pieces figured out. that's part of the fun to see what pieces will end up being in this collection. it's like a continual surprise.

what I do know is that this butter jar is the start of it! I've been loving the one I currently have and wanted one that was more my style. so I met with my friend, morgan, who is a very skilled ceramist. I told her the vibe I wanted, color options, and we got into the details of the design. a few weeks later we met up and she had this prototype to show me! it's beautiful.

and when I was sharing this with a few of my friends they loved it so much they wanted one too! so now I've got 6 orders for the first piece in my line and I couldn't be more thrilled. I imagine the next several pieces in the collection will be kitchen tools as cooking is where I'm currently spending a lot of time and finding so much joy.


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