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manifesting $205

it had been so long since I started my last project that I had forgotten that securing the platform to build my website is different than the getting the website domain. two separate steps, two separate purchases. so just because I have the cutest domain name doesn't mean I have a website to use it on...yet.

as I write this [jan. 2023], I am in a comfortable spot of building the foundational parts of my website. I'm doing what I can with the options available on the free version of my website until I get the money to buy the premium plan. this is not the way I'd have originally said that I wanted this to happen, and now that I'm here I think it's an amazing opportunity.

it's an opportunity to share the process...adventure...of building a website, a lifestyle brand, of turning a vision into reality. and the process is messy, emotional, exciting, energy giving, energy sucking, full of unknowns and truly a big leap of faith. and I'm going to do my best to share all of these parts.

so here I am taking the actions steps needed to manifest the $205. those action steps are:

  • trusting in this vision so much so that I'm starting before I feel ready

  • taking the time to dig into the mundane because that's what the foundation is built from

  • sharing the not so exciting and kinda embarrassing parts

  • creating a modest space I'm proud with the resources I have available


  • mostly to use my domain name: for a cute and easy to share website address

  • to be able to add 'members' that get notified of any new behind the scenes stuff I share

  • to remove the wix ads currently on my site

  • to create a fully functioning shop for displaying and selling the pieces in my line

  • to eventually be able to offer rental experiences


the secret is that I don't really have one. for now, I'm going to see if I can sell a few butter jars to get some cash. and for now I'll keep being content with the space I have.

and here's the story about my fully functioning website as of march 2023.


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