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"you're a suburban hippie"...

the name for started one sunny day [Sept. 2020] when we were hanging in the garage with friends. conversation went to the worm bin our friend Jimmy recently gave me for vermicomposting. that's when he says "you're a suburban hippie". and there it is. I loved it and knew I was going to use it some day, some how. and now here it is.

I've wanted to share so many different aspects of my life but I've been stuck on how that would look. I couldn't quite get a visual of the process of sharing, seemingly, random things about my life. this little nugget of inspiration, suburban hippie, works so well to be the container to hold all of these ideas I've been collecting over the years. it was just what I needed to really start believing that I'd be able to make something out of all my randomness.

for now, I see this little spot on the internet being a place where I can design and create my own line of things...a curated collection of functional and beautiful pieces to make the tasks of everyday living a little more joyful. it will also be where I document the little adventures of our a scrapbook but with different media and not so much glue.

some things to document will be our move to living near a lake in a home a quarter of the size of what we're used to. building a barn on our eight acres of land. adding living space to that barn. planting wildflowers on our property to create a pollinator farm. and eventually creating sustainable rental experiences...and everything in between.

I'm sure there will be some change of plans along the way. but isn't that the fun of it all?


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