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future rental experience

reset + reconnect

we're still getting our place ready to rent but when we do it's going to be amazing! our little lake house is going to such a great getaway to forget about the daily grind + to do lists. this rental experience will provide all the luxuries of suburban living nestled in nature.

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retreat into nature

our Hillcrest cottage is snuggled up on a hill, above the sparkling lake and surrounding's a serene getaway experience like no other. the fully equipped kitchendope loft bedroom, and cozy dining and living areas make it an ideal spot for those seeking some serious relaxation.

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reset in privacy

enjoy complimentry breakfast prepared for you while you sip your morning coffee on the private patio. our lake cottage rental includes private lake access with your own personal dock in some of the clearest water seen. the smooth, sandy bottom lake will have you blissfully wading in thigh high water while listening to your favorite tunes...and you just may loose track of all sense of time. we call this laken.

experience the lake

use the cottage kayaks to explore around this adorable sports lake, maybe venturing into turtle cove to watch all the little creatures sunbathing in a secluded canal. or paddle over to Little Vineyard where many of our lake friends enjoy sliding and diving into the deeper parts of the lake.

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reconnect + unwind

if you get your fill of lake time and would like to venture off the hill, there's a few local winerys within a 10 minute drive. enjoy handcrafted drinks, food and live music. and for at least one evening we'd recommend heading back down to the dock to experience an amazing sunset on the peaceful water.

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