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a fully functioning website

I was smiling so hard and for so long this day my cheeks were tired. its a good kinda tired that came from watching one of my ideas come to life. officially.

I don't remember how far back but I'd say over the last 2-3 years I've been drawn to this idea of having my own line of things. just like Joanna Gaines and Martha Stewart have except I want mine to be random stuff. the whole line is the collection and it's hard telling what kind of thing will be added next.

anyway, all the smiles were from seeing not only my collection come into the world and be purchased but to have it happen on a fully functioning website. this was a big deal to me. when I was manifesting my website I didn't realize I'd be getting some other pretty clutch features that came along with it.

I was watching people select their specific design on their butter jar and then choose pick up or ship. if they chose ship an order notification would be sent directly to Morgan from my site to let her know of the request. then she packed it with love and sent it on its way.

I was able to watch all of this happen and smile with bliss because of getting the money I needed to buy my website. I sold off my miniature tea sets I had as a kid to get what I needed. I had a bunch, 41 to be exact and I'm so glad I found people who were going to love them as much as I had.

I also had the loving support from Emily who venmo'd me money saying how much she believed in me and my ideas around suburban hippie and that she wanted to contribute. it melted my stinkin' heart and I completely cried. you're the best Emily.

so now that the site is up and functioning to its fullest capacity I'll be working on getting the next few makers on board. I've got a lot of ideas swirling and some asks out there but for now I'm waiting patiently to see which ones land.

we're also going to be a doing a second batch of the butter jars because I've already had 2-3 people ask to be notified of next round. so I will have to update the shop with the new designs. we discussed doing more botanical and more true to Morgan's style and I can't freakin' wait.

I'll have my hands full with moving to Michigan and downsizing and if I ever get focused on this closet room project again!


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