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my brand vision

ever have a big vision and all the feels of how awesome it’s gonna be in the future but no freakin’ clue on what the path is to get there? 🙋🏻‍♀️ that’s where I’m at with my suburban hippie brand and I’m sharing the whole messy process with ya.

brand vision venn diagram

here’s a little visual of what I’ve got so far. I've blended the things I'm continually drawn to with the things I'm skilled at. this diagram is a snapshot of the different paths I've been on so far. by putting them on paper I'm starting to see the overlap of these pieces, realizing yet again, things happen for a reason.

I'm currently doing an intensive workshop on business models with Tad at and I know that will help me clarify all these ideas as well as how some might turn into offerings in the future. my planner just got real full with this deep work.

it's two fold on why I'm sharing before I really know what I'm doing. one, I’m an external processor so sharing helps me to organize my thoughts. two, I think there’s a bit of this confusion in all of us…the wanting something more and not knowing how to get there.

and truly that’s what life is all about for me…taking lots of different paths and seeing what feels good for now AND pivoting when it doesn’t.

I believe that as we share the super messy, confusing, non-linear process with others we get the opportunity to connect on a raw and intimate level. human to human. and we naturally remind others of how normal it is to be confused and try new things.

bonding over how similar we all really are and giggling [crying?] about the things that this beautiful life brings us is just about the only thing we can do. buckle up it’s about to get real messy.


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