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the loft project is done!!

this project consumed my brain and life for 3.5 months and I'm so over it.

just kidding...

well kinda...

I am over waking up to the smallest bedroom ever, being smashed, filled with tools and wood and open to a nasty attic space. I'm over staring at someone else's unaligned cuts and seams as I fall asleep...that is not restful. I'm over all the brain work it took to figure out how the heck I was going to do the next step...after every single step.

but I'm far from over it in the sense that I just lay in bed and stare in deep, blissful, satisfaction at all the work I've completed. I'm so proud of myself for all the things I created in this loft, taking several different ideas and smashing them together to create something really functional and beautiful for us.

I'm surprised at what I did while at the same time having this deep knowing that I'm going to rock out whatever I put my focus on.

somethings I learned while on this project:

  • quitting is needed sometimes to let things simmer and process.

  • time away builds a 'can do' energy.

  • dovetail pants and lems shoes are amazing + my go to for doing + building.

  • I can't wait for my next project to not be in the loft + to not have to climb the ladder one million times.

  • body mechanics + paying attention to how I work + move is vital, especially in small spaces.

  • just because other people would do something one way doesn't mean I have to do it that way too.

  • a different way of doing things doesn't = a wrong way of doing things

  • I'm allowed to have high standards because I'm the one responsible for making them happen.

  • external validation is nice and internal validation is scary powerful.

  • asking for help and expecting help are two very different things.

  • time is only one aspect of a project + life is better when time isn't the sole driver.

  • my absolute favorite thing is dreaming up an idea + then making it come to life.

  • doing lots of tiny, pretty much unnoticeable tasks, does not make me less than; it's those exact tiny tasks that build something beautiful.

some of my favorite parts about the finished loft:

  • the bold + moody color combos

  • the different types of lighting

  • the hidden, remote controlled, mood lighting

  • the dramatic gold sconces on our headboard

  • the conveniently located light switches

  • the uber functionalnooks

  • the drool worthy fluted trim

  • the shiny ceiling

  • the outlets exactly where we need them

this loft headboard ledge wall was game changer

this was much more than a home project for me, it was my own version of a come back. it was me, proving to myself, how much awesomeness I already have inside of me. this project was a reminder that I don't need to ask permission to do the things I want to do in my life.

this loft headboard ledge wall was a game changer and just one gesture of all the things to come in building this beautiful life.


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