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transforming our lake house: the impact of our new flooring

no amount of words will be able to describe how amazing it feels to have our new flooring fully installed and completed. having one fluid floor throughout our home brings unity to all of our spaces, grounding the design and also creating a safe nest like feeling. the small detail of coordinated trim throughout has a huge impact of covering small gaps which lends to a cleaner experience. our home looks more cohesive and so we physically feel more calm and collected since we're not being visually distracted with three types of floor material.

before - during - after of new flooring

I realized installing flooring throughout the house was going to be a huge undertaking and I greatly underestimated exactly how much. we definitely got to live through the saying that it gets worse before it gets better. we had plywood floors and project tools laying around for four weeks. we had limited use of each of our rooms because we had furniture moved around.

a walk through during construction of installing new flooring

I also decided that I'd renovate our bedroom loft at the same time floors were getting installed...not my best idea.

the 'during' of getting new floors...deep breaths.

rugs to add personality to our new floors

I was waiting on new floors to get my style of rugs...and it was worth the wait. I'd been hearing about the brand ruggable for a bit now and was itching to try them out. interchangeable, washable rugs that look like art for our floors.

adding personality to our floors

coffee bar/forrest's rug - kitchen runner rug - living room rug

another bonus I wasn't anticipating was how much they don't move. I can vacuum them, walk all over them and throw the ball with the dog and they stay put so well.

forrest loves his new comfy spot while were cooking

I didn't tell Bob what designs I was getting on the rugs so that was a fun little game I played to see his reaction when we got the "dead zebra", as he says. he tried to blame Bre but she was only an accomplice by association this time around. I've spent a lot of time simply staring at these beautiful rugs, so pleased with how they add comfort, warmth and unique personality to our space. I'll probably get one for our closet room and maybe the sunroom-sewing studio.

it was hard to wait for bob to unveil the rug he had no idea about

bob realizing for the first time I bought a 'dead zebra'

a cozy, sexy couch to accentuate our new floors

oh the couch. I don't know if I can truly convey how much I love this couch. it might require it's own post. pretty much since we moved to hillcrest we'd known we'd be wanting a new couch. the one Russ + Terrie left fits so good, however it's a sleeper sofa and very uncomfortable to lounge on. I wanted to find a couch that would check my four parameters of design and honestly it was a struggle I was slowly giving up on. as much as I love aesthetics I really hate searching for the pieces that align with my style and values. I just want it done and beautiful and sustainable so I can enjoy it. hence why Bre does what she does.

moodboard of medly blumen couch in green velvet with ruggable zebra rug and two pages curtains and roman shades

it's a much darker green in real life + I'm still deciding on window treatments

I'm thankful for the creepy algorithms that put the brand medley on my search results page, I knew almost immediately that this was the couch for our home. it was calling to me through the screen with its beautiful loungy vibes, clean modern lines and extra wide arm rests I've always had an eye for. mega bonus was how and where it's made. I'll have much more to share about when we get it end of March 2024. I can't freakin' wait.

painting doors to bring warmth + calmness to our new floors

there were a few days when the floors were getting installed where I panicked and thought I picked grey floors...which I didn't want. the darker grey stain on some of the interior doors was pulling the grey vibes from the floor making them appear to have less tan/cream color.

I also didn't realize the wood grain pattern of the new flooring would compete with some of our interior doors that have a darker weathered looking finish to them. it feels a tad bit clashy to me so I'll be adjusting the doors for both the color and pattern. I'm going to paint the interior doors a tan...Bob was less than thrilled about this snowball effect. however, I can't wait, painting is such a flow task for me where I get lost in it and find it so relaxing and calming.

functional accent tables to compliment vs camo with our new floors

tv console with plants on top same color as new flooring installed nucore deerfield hickory luxury plank vinyl

tv console looks too similar to new floor for my taste

similar to the interior door situation, the current end tables, tv console and rolling coffee table, have too many similarities to the new floors. the coloring and pattern of the accent tables feels like they're trying to be camouflaged rather than helping tie all the different design elements together. I don't have a plan yet for these but it's definitely something I'll be chewing on. besides the coloring, the current tables are a little bulkier than I'd like, however, they are pretty practical and functional for this small space. I've got some ideas but there are several other projects taking priority on my project dashboard.

bullet journal planner notebook with printable project organizer project dashboard with coffee cup and laptop on marble table

my project dashboard I'd be lost without

cozy, cohesive, beautiful vibes of new floors

now that we're on the other side of the flooring project I can say I'd absolutely go through it again to get the cozy, cohesive, beautiful feels we currently have in our home. and as we offer this lake house as a rental experience it's going to be so great to have others feel the difference this new flooring creates.


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